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Sporting Event Portable AC Service

Golfing and Sporting Events require strength, endurance, flexibility and goal oriented behavior. Also, special planning and attention towards the needs of your guests, players and spectators.

Many Golf and Sport Fundraising do not fall on a nice cool spring day. Sweat , Dirt and Dust maybe part of the game, but are not necessary beneficial when it comes to a successful audience turnout.

Mobile Air Conditioning  Service Sporting Tent

Create a Comfortable Environment

Cool Your Sporting Event!
Whether you are protecting the strength of the team, the success of your fundraiser or accommodating the comfort of the VIP's- solid planning requires controlled environment.
As planning goes there is no prediction what the outside conditions may be. Successful management provides the perfect venue with the perfect temporary ac solution. Rely on our experience and expertise having provided temporary cooling service for many golf, sport events and fundraisers.

VIP Service Tent Portable AC

No need to worry- Call Us,We can Do It!

Our Mobile and Portable Air Conditioning Equipment is ready to go and be put into service quickly and will be delivered ahead of the start time of your event to pre-cool. Service personnel is available to set up, operate the equipment and assure your piece of mind

Golf Event Tent Mobile AC Service


Equipment and Services are subject to availability unless your reservation is confirmed. Please make sure you check our Service Areas List and Rental Policies.

We Can Cool or Heat Any Event, Space, Building or Tent Location!


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