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Air Conditioner Rental and Leasing Inc.



  • State of the art in air conditioning from our experienced staff and engineering
  • Service to specialty industry
  • Our units can be packaged with optional generators that can be sized to power both the unit and any additional power needs.
  • Operators are available to provide you with fast set up and worry-free operation.
  • Customer approval and professional packaging of our units and accessories to fit in with the special demands of the rental industry.
  • The exclusive compact 5-Ton unit can be set-up quickly. This unit weighs only approximately 380 lbs.
  • If you can design the equipment from the users point of view, that is what we do at Air Conditioner Rental.
  • Special purpose units Temporary Cooling Solutions for both Emergency and Planned applications.
  • We can handle almost impossible installations.
  • Our equipment of all sizes includes built in controls:
  • Castors
  • Trailers
  • Freestanding
  • Microprocessor control
  • Equipment engineered for performance and maximum reliability.
  • Some equipment needs no installation, windows, or ventilation.
    Air Conditioner Rental and Leasing Inc. has equipment that is self contained, designed to cool/heat your tent or special event location with quiet operation and outstanding performance.
  • We can create the right atmosphere for your special event. With our efficient, quiet equipment, we have what you need to keep your set, personnel and guests comfortable virtually anywhere, with minimal disturbance.
  • Custom built products to meet the demands of quality and reliability and safe efficient operations.
  • Rental Air conditioners Short term or Long term
  • Air Conditioner Rental & Leasing Inc. incorporates multiple compressor staging and variable loading compressors into some of our equipment. This practice insures that even if one compressor shuts down, your space will stay cool. ACR&L 5 Ton portables are Ready to Run almost Anywhere, Portable, Ducted, Powerful
    Equipment Specifications

    5 Ton portable Air Conditioner

    25 Ton Ac Unit

    Rental Portable Generator