Cool Air Anywhere Event Cooling Service
Summer Event Cooling SolutionsWe are located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
and since 1987 have been providing
temporary cooling service to hundreds of satisfied customers.


We operate a full fleet of air conditioning units in a range of electrical requirements and BTU, suitable for any location or site.
"Cool Air Anywhere" is our trademark and ambition.

Experienced event planners and those
with common sense know, that tent events
and events in non-air conditioned facilities
during the hot summer months could turn out
a disaster. People don't like to sweat at
parties. It's a special event- not a gym.

Our services are valued by all who plan
ahead for any private, corporate or public
event. Our packages are designed to give
the planer a peace of mind and the ability to
provide a pleasant cool environment for
guests, personnel and equipment.

You want to enjoy the event, and not worry
about the air conditioning. Our cooling
service technicians deliver all mobile ac
and power equipment, and set everything
needed to provide that much needed blow
of cool air in the event location.

Mobile Cooling Heinz Event

Full Service Special Event Cooling

Our custom tailored full service temporary
air conditioning is designed for the special
event industry. It includes all you need to
cool your event venue. It is complete with
mobile air conditioning and power
generation equipment rental, transport,
distribution, set up, and operation.

Flexible Equipment Rental Rates

We offer flexible rates on our mobile and portable air conditioning and power equipment rentals.

Whether you need air conditioner or generator rental starting at a couple of hours, a day, or a week,

we give you the most practical solution.

We Give You what You Want !

We put together rental packages depending on your need, that include all necessary power cord and flexible duct to accommodate your application

Rental Equipment Packages

-Air Conditioning Equipment Rentals come in various BTU and power requirements,
-All AC units are equipped with onboard computers and controls
-Power Cords with Twist Lock Connectors
-Flexible Spiral Duct
-Condensate Tanks and Pumps
-Set Up and Electrical Hook Up- if renting ac equipment only needing an electrical hook up to your power panel you need a certified electrician on site.


-We offer Dock-to-Dock Transport on all Equipment Rentals.
-Set Up, Electrical Hook up and operation are not included,
unless Full Service Event Package is provided.
-Equipment and Services are subject to availability
unless your reservation is confirmed.
- Please make sure you check our Service Areas list and Rental Policy.